Top 10 Fitness & Health Tips

April 22, 2017 0 Comments

Hi Peaches!

 What better time to talk health and fitness then in the Spring! It’s almost time to start shedding off those clothes – so lets start shedding off those bad habits too!

  1. Start by learning to love yourself for who you are today. You ARE beautiful.
  2. TAKE IT SLOW. Don’t jump into working out 6 days a week. Start with 2-3 days and then add from there.
  3. Make small changes every day so you can create a sustainable lifestyle change.
  4. Realize that progress won’t happen over night. Be patient, and don’t get discouraged!
  5. Stay away from processed foods – especially anything loaded with sugar.
  6. Be aware of food labels. No I’m not talking about calorie content, I’m talking about the ingredient list!! You will surprised at what you find, and how often they sneak in sugar!
  7. Drink more water! Start with a minimum of 100 oz. a day.
  8. Meal Prep! Being prepared is key to being successful.
  9. Don’t be afraid of (good) fat! Fat won’t make you fat, sugar will. So eat those avocados!!
  10. Get moving!! Take the stairs, park farther from the store, or take a walk around your neighborhood. Whatever it takes to get in those extra steps.

I hope these tips will help you stay on track, or get back on track!

Remember that every day is a new day.

Until Next Time,