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March 2, 2017 0 Comments

Hello my lovely Peaches!

I don’t know about you, but this winter has FLOWN by for me. February was filled with amazing memories, and of course my 24th Birthday! I feel so blessed, and thankful!!

Keep reading to catch up on what I’ve been loving lately..

Fitness –

Asics Sneakers. I’ve talked about them before but I just can’t get over how darn comfortable they are. I have been incorporating sprints in a lot of my workouts lately, and for me to not get shin pain/knee pain from high impact treadmill sprints is a miracle! These babies really support my active lifestyle. A+

Snack –

I don’t really snack, but when I do it’s most likely homemade, and healthy. SHOCKER, I know. Apple chips have been a winner in my house lately. Everyone loves them, and I can sleep peacefully at night knowing there is NO sugar added. Although they take a while to make (about 6 hours) they are well worth it. The temperature never gets high enough to burn out the nutrients so you’re still getting the full benefits of eating a raw apple, just dehydrated. After they’re “cooked” I section them off into little snack baggies so they’re easy to grab for work/travel. Which brings me to my next favorite …

Kitchen Accessories –

Dehydrator !! My dehydrator has been one of my absolute favorites this past month. There is so much you can make with them, and it honestly didn’t break the bank as much as I thought it would! You can find the one I have →HERE← My second favorite kitchen accessory is on the pricier end, and I was fortunate enough to receive it for my birthday! (Easily the most expensive gift I have ever received.) A Vitamix Blender. There is nothing this machine can’t do!! It’s amazing. I’ve made soup, smoothies, “ice cream” and there is so much more that I can’t wait to try! Expect recipes soon. (: You can find the exact one I have →HERE←

Fitness Accessories –

Three words – FEEL. THE. BURN. If you are looking for a real booty burn. Then treat yo-self to some resistance bands. They’re an inexpensive way to maximize your time in the gym. Less work, and more burn. I know ya’ll are all about that. *Winks.* Check out my Instagram for my favorite resistance band exercises! I’ll link the bands I use →HERE← and →HERE← They come in a set of four so you can use light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy. What I love is that you can take them anywhere so you can travel with them! Throw them in your purse, car, gym bag, whatever! You can use them virtually anywhere.

The second accessory I’ve been LOVING is my Fitbit Alta. HELLOO motivation. I’m not kidding you, this thing has made me get up and move wayyy more then I realized it would. Seeing a low number for my daily steps is discouraging so I try to do what I can to go the extra mile. (Literally. lol) You can even set it to alarm you when you’ve been sitting for too long! If you need an extra push (which most of us do) then you should give it a shot. Or if you already have a Fitbit, then you should dust it off and put that baby back on!! I had the original a few years ago and somehow I got lazy and stopped using it, but I am so happy I invested in a new one to keep track of my health. You can find it →HERE←

Recipe –

Collagen hot chocolate. Hands down this has been my favorite recipe ALL winter long. It’s a great alternative to coffee in the morning or as a dessert after dinner! Filling, and satisfies any chocolate lover. (Or sweets addict.) Check out the recipe →HERE←

Listening –

I have been RELIGIOUSLY listening to Dave Asprey’s station – Bulletproof Radio. He interviews new people every show, and delivers great information. Rather than putting on music for my long car rides, I’ll throw on his podcast. (Which you can also watch on his youtube channel.) Knowledge is power my friends! You can find his channel →HERE←

Products –

Speaking of Bulletproof – I have been obsessed with their upgraded collagen protein, and brain octane oil. 100% noticed a difference in my skin/hair/energy. Honestly just my overall health. I use both products in my collagen hot chocolate! You can find the products linked in the recipe.

Workout –

Cardio is something I always bounce around with. Sometimes it’s running, sometimes it’s biking. Whatever it is, I usually do it in some form of HIIT. (High Intensity Interval Training.) It’s the best way to burn fat in a small amount of time. Running for 30 minutes can feel like an eternity though- especially on the treadmill. Instead, I came up with a way to burn fat, sprint, and work your entire body without getting bored. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Here’s the breakdown:

Warm up with: 1 minute walk, 1 minute jog

Next, crank it up to sprint speed.

45 Second Sprint, 15 Second Rest (Feet on the sides of the treadmill.)

Repeat for .50 mile or 1 mile

Drop into 60 second low plank, then 10 pushups

Repeat until failure

I hope you enjoy the last few weeks of winter! Spring and summer will be here before we know it. For daily motivation check out my Instagram ⇒ freshwaterpeaches ⇐ If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or leave a comment below! ♥

Until next time,

Mama Peach♥