My Experience with Intuitive Eating

August 2, 2017 0 Comments

DISCLAMER: This is just my personal experience with Intuitive eating. Of course, like all things it may not be for everyone.

Hi Peaches!

There are COUNTLESS styles of eating that I have tested in my life, but Intuitive Eating is by far the least extreme and most successful.

Sounds crazy, I know.

 A lot of us think the only way to get “healthy” is to get on a very extreme diet, and life as you know it will no longer exist.  Well, that’s not necessarily the case. Trust me, I have done it all.. calculated every last calorie, weighed out my food, cut my portion sizes to barely anything, looked at food as a number and constantly stressed when it came to eating. When you restrict yourself that much, eventually you will burn out and go back to your old habits.

Intuitive eating has changed the game for me.

I no longer look at food as a chore or a number. Food is something that nourishes our body, and it can be fun to find creative ways to cook healthier and make better choices. When you’re swapping out processed and packaged foods for fresh whole foods, you will not need to worry about ingredients or nutrition facts. You know just what you’re getting.

When you start eating intuitively you stop putting so much focus on food, and more on how you feel. You will start to recognize what foods make you feel bloated or uncomfortable, and the foods that make you feel energized, more focused, and just plain ol’ happy.

You will be more in tune with your body.

It was hard for me to initially let go of my old habits, but once I did, I felt less stressed when it came to eating. Your body is very smart, just start listening.

Not too far into this style of eating, I noticed myself naturally reaching for better food because it made me FEEL better. Less bloating, puffiness, and crankiness.  When I was counting calories I ate more boxed “health” food because it was easier to track, but not the best for me. I was constantly counting MACROnutrients when I should have been focusing on my MICROnutrients. (Veggies, greens etc.) Instead of beating myself up about it, I realized that like everything else in life, you evolve, learn, and grow. How can we learn if we don’t make mistakes!?

So I’m going to help a sista’ out and share some of my fav tips for your journey to intuitive eating..

  1. Slow it downnnn – chew your food and actually enjoy it!
  2. Eat when you’re hungry, don’t wait till you’re hangry.
  3. Watch out for emotional eating/emotional triggers.
  4. Notice what you are craving. (Your body is trying to tell you something.)
  5. Drink more water.
  6. Add more veggies to every meal. (Even breakfast!)

Start listening to your body, throw out your food scale (FOR GOOD), eat more fresh/whole/nutritious foods, and you will be a very happy camper.

Until Next Time,

Mariah ♥

August 2, 2017