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May 11, 2017 1 Comments

Hi Peaches, I have exciting news!

 If you know me by now then you know that if I believe in something –

I am ALL. ABOUT. IT. That’s why I decided to become a Beauty Counter Consultant.

So let’s start by backing it up to a couple of months ago. Since I have been more in tune with my health lately, I have been more aware of my body. Any changes I notice, I will ask myself what did you do differently?

After almost every shower my cheeks would get red, and burn. It happened so frequently that I got used to it. Until one day my mom questioned why they looked so red. Was this normal? Did this happen to me before? I started panicking and trying to think back to the last time I DIDN’T have rosey red cheeks after I washed my face.

I couldn’t remember.

Besides food, the only other factor that could have been affecting me was what I was putting on my face. (DUH.) I never really thought twice about makeup, or skin care. Everything I was putting on my skin was absorbing into my body. Which is scary to think when the American regulations are pretty loose on what they allow for ingredients in beauty products.

To make a long story short, I tried Beauty Counter’s products and haven’t looked back since.

My skin has been clear, moisturized, and best of all not red and irritated! The products feel amazing, smell amazing and it makes me feel good knowing I’m using safer skincare. I also love that the company cares about creating healthier, safer products for woman. We really do deserve that! If you’re conscious of what you eat, you should also be concerned about the products you’re putting on your face/body!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, email or message me on social media!

You can check out their products ⇒HERE⇐ (It will say shopping with Mariah at the top of their website!)

Until Next Time,

Mariah xox