Mariah Elizabeth

Hi I'm Mariah, and WELCOME to my blog!

I'm a NASM certified trainer, Beautycounter Consultant, IIN student, and just a 24 year old girl trying to navigate through life one less toxic chemical at a time. Here you will find health, fitness and food related articles. Fresh Water Peaches has allowed me to tap into my creative side, and share what I love with you. All of the recipes and photography are original. Straight from the girl upstairs. (Whoever she is..) My passion for sharing with others is what keeps this blog alive. If you don't catch me in the kitchen creating a new recipe, or at the gym trying out a new routine, I'm probably meditating before my yoga class! My goal is to create recipes that are simple yet delicious, share tips for living more holistically, and anything to improve your health and happiness! It is POSSIBLE to have food that both your body, and taste buds will thank you for. I hope you see my blog as a helpful tool on your life journey.


My Story

I was raised in New England, traveled all through the states in my late teens, and early twenties. I finally settled back in my hometown on the east coast, where the idea for Fresh Water Peaches was born. I dove in head first, and haven’t looked back since! Fresh Water Peaches is the perfect outlet for everything I love in life. After discovering my MANY food sensitivities it has been my mission to create delicious gluten/soy/dairy free (the list goes on..) recipes for myself, and others suffering from the same problems! I am passionate about holistic living, and I want to share my tips and tricks to living happier and healthier with you! My hope is that we can all learn, and grow from my blog together. Even if you gather one piece of helpful information from my blog, that’s all I could ever ask for!

With Love,